Beast from the East

Snow and my disease

This is something I was not prepared for. Feeling so isolated and worried by a weather front. I am a weather junkie, forces of nature have always fascinated me. But now, having MS and a penchant for lung infections, this weather system has left me scared.

As much fun as it is to take my lovely dog out in the powdery snow, the cold has the wonderful effect of bringing back the one effect of a relapse. The cold brings back diplopia, which means my eyes have double vision on different planes. Great fun and keeps me wondering if people see my eyes are doing wierd sh*t while I’m looking at them.

The snow is also not great when your balance is bad and your body doesn’t regulate it’s temperature very well. If I wasn’t so cold and my daughters weren’t sick I’d love to go out and make a snowman with them.

I am fragile

I have become very much more aware (andafraid) of my fragility since my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis and having the inability to get to my GP is awful. I have had a nasty cough after a cold for ages now and I told myself “I’ll go to the doctor about it on Monday”. That was the Monday the snow started.

Now my chest is sore, I am coughing all the time, I’m totally exhausted and the snow just keeps getting thicker.

I was also fortunate enough to read last week about research that shows patients with MS are also more prone to heart conditions, so even though I know the pain is coming from my lungs because of my hacking cough – in the back of my mind is the worry of “but what if it’s my heart?”. There is nothing I can do about it right now, anyway. But I will worry about it until I can finally get to my GP.

Winter wonderland

At the moment our snowfall is up to 7cm’s settled on the ground and it is totally beautiful to look at from inside a nice warm house. So I guess I will take what enjoyment I can get from watching the snow while I can. Before I am complaining about the heat again. At this point in time I am so very ready for that. Bring on the warmth!

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