Heading for a fall

Falling Into You

Falls strike fear into the heart of most MS sufferers as falls are synonymous with broken bones, trips to the A&E, blood and pain, to name just a few faces of my nemesis.

Lately I have been feeling that a fall is imminent. I am very upset by something that happened in my past and as such my head just isn’t in the game. The game being walking. I haven’t been concentrating as hard as I should on obstacles and have had several things surprise and almost trip me up when walking my girls to and from school.

I get the nasty feeling that all the vitamin B7 in the world isn’t going to save me.

Falls suck

My last serious fall – I’m not counting all the ‘little’, daily ones that happen at home – saw me waiting hours in the A&E to get the pavement cleaned out the inside of my lip and for a maxilla surgeon to sew it together again.

Wait, I have had to go since for a separate, very careless fall, when I managed to twist my ankle. We thought it was broken. Luckily not.

That was painful and scary. I do not wish to repeat it.

My family and I joke about ending up in A&E but we really don’t want to go down that road again.

Care to prevent harm

I have found that it is very important to be very careful in my movements. This is hard with MS as I live in a constant state of brain fog. Leading to a lot of very preventable accidents.

Only Multiple Sclerosis makes prevention rather difficult much of the time.

I will not fall, I will be more careful. Unicorns and fairies are real too. But I will try my best to keep my mind on my feet and my feet on the ground.

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