My Four Footed Saviour

Adopting My Companion

We would never have considered adopting a greyhound if it weren’t for Gary’s boss who has one. We decided years ago, as a family, that we wanted a dog, but always thought greyhounds were very energetic, busy, high maintenance creatures. But Andy told Gary that quite the opposite was true. He had adopted a retired race dog and had first hand experience of owning a greyhound and Roy sounded amazing.

So I got on the net and started researching the breed and research revealed that what Andy had told Gary were in fact traits of the breed, so I started looking for a Greyhound. They are very much cheaper than most dogs, seems like there are so many that need loving homes. In my internet searches, I came across the greyhound trust website (you can access it here), I looked through the photos of the retired race dogs and came across a photo of a dog I fell for immediately! So we made an appointment to meet her.

Meeting Nina

We went to the greyhound trust kennels and were introduced to Nina and were allowed to walk her. My love at first sight only grew. So we made arrangements for a home visit and reserved our Nina.

When we went to collect her we filled out the necessary paperwork, received all the things we needed to look after her and we were given her lead, but before the kennel manager let her go she gave Nina a cuddle and said “you’re one of the lucky ones Nina.”

This simple sentence has resonated more everyday we have her. She is such an amazing, affectionate, intelligent and lazy girl. Perfect companion for someone with MS. Low maintenance dog who never toilets indoors.

Our New Family

Nina already has such a huge role in our family and a huge chunk of my heart. She has acclimatised to life outside her kennel like a trooper. Crazy to think every experience since getting her into the car on that first day has been brand new to her. Her first four years of life had been racing and returning to a kennel when not racing.

I am so glad we can offer her the love and the family she so richly deserves. The only downside to having a Nina sized dog is cleaning the land mines she leaves all over our garden, Small price to pay for the huge benefit of being able to give this lovely, warm, cuddly dog a hug.

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