Need To Pee During A Movie? Then This App Is For You!

Run pee, run free

Have you ever sat down with a box of popcorn and drink and decided, after the movie has started, that you need a pee? Well, this is the App for you!

I first heard about this App on an episode of The One Show on BBC 1 and I thought an app that tells you when it’s safe, from a movie plot point perspective, to go pee without missing important parts of the movie was the thing for me!

I downloaded it from the App Store straight away. I have used it ever since. With my bladder being my bladder, I have a history of having to run out the film whilst managing to miss important parts of the movie.

An App for anyone who loves going to the cinema

It’s brilliant if you have kids, are scared to miss out and need to pee during a film, have a bladder issue or are a person who watches movies at all, ever. This app is great for anyone and everyone who goes to the cinema.

How it works

With Run Pee you can set the timer at the start of the movie and it vibrates when it’s best to go pee, but don’t worry if you miss the start of the movie – If you’re forgetful like me- because they give you what to look out for in the film at the time it’s best for you to run and pee and the time allocated for the pee break.

It also gives you a write up of what you are missing during the pee break and a synopsis of the movie as a whole along with if there is anything during or after the credits worth waiting for. It’s pretty obvious this App has been designed by and for movie/cinema goers.

This App is available for free on the Apple App Store (that’s where I got it), and for android here. This is a very worth-while clever App to help with a problem that all cinema goers have.

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