Not So ‘Well’-Fare

Tory Legacy

So I have been told not to post about politics, but this governments massive shortcomings while running our country is affecting me personally and cannot be ignored.

The cuts to disability payments and them making it so difficult to get hold of any sort of help has left my family in a prickly state financially as well as effecting all our mental health. We are all stressed out constantly worrying about how we will manage.

Nasty Party Lives

Cuts to NHS, Benefits, Councils (leaving us who can’t drive, who rely on public transport, worried about our future), them investing tax payers money into defunct companies – knowing they’re in trouble and yet they are still in power after multiple examples of their inability to govern our nation.

Having gone through countless benefit application processes, and only being successful in some of them – because the process itself has a negative effect, each time, on my mental health and well-being, just angers me and makes me sad.

Why do they make it so difficult to find out what help you’re entitled to? Why hide it from the people who really need it?

I just don’t understand how a group of people who are more interested in the size of their personal bank accounts than the welfare of the electorate who put their trust in them are able to continue governing us? When will this massive sham be ended?

Britain Deserves Better

The people living in Britain deserve much better than this. Disabled people deserve much better than this. All of us deserve better than this. Time for a fresh start.

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