Why You Should Vote For Me In The UK Blog Awards 2018

What this means to me

After my MS Diagnosis in 2015, my husband bugged me to start a blog after I told him I wanted to. However, in true MS fashion, I lacked the energy to even get a blog started. Two years down the line (in large thanks to Biotin or Vitamin B7) I decided to tell my story in the hopes of helping others with Multiple Sclerosis or any dread disease, family members of an affected person, or just to entertain and enlighten anyone willing to read my blog.

Why you should vote for me

Since I decided (after trying to no avail) to stop working because of the pressures of my disease and the side effects of my meds, my blog has given me redirection and a wonderful outlet for my thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Winning in these Blog Awards would give me an even bigger platform to promote change and help others. It will give my blog clout and push me to keep mymsjourneyuk going – as those with MS (and those with a blog) know we need a push to be motivated to do anything.

So please vote for me, and spread the love.

In case you haven’t picked it up yet, I really want this. So please, get voting by clicking the link below. You have two votes to use as you choose.

Click here to vote.

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